Citroen DS9 Pictures

To begin to describe the Citroen DS9 pictures would have to travel to the future, apparently is taking its sporty side (futuristic). The new Citroën car tries to outdo the Volkswagen Scirocco, Honda Civic, Renault Megane ... putting a hybrid engine with fuel consumption and powerful as it reaches nearly 300 hp. It has great acceleration because in just 5.4 seconds is set to 100 km / h.

Its so seductive we see in the pictures of the Citroen DS9 turns heads when you cross the street, since it makes a big splash with its radical design of Citroën. This new model Citroen will give much to talk as its previous models of the DS does not attract so much attention. This sporty model greatly respects the environment as a mixture of fused hybrid motor and a combustion engine that consumes only 1.7 l/100 km.


Citroen DS9 pictures


This car is for those who really want a vehicle that has not been seen before, a sports car, yet elegant. This model did not expect it is no clearly superior model in many ways, starting with the consumer is quite small, sporty look, your tires so amazing and the metallic color. One makes you hair stand on end.

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