Citroen DS9 Engine

The engine of the Citroen DS9 (put at least twice throughout the article the main term in this case "engine of Citroen DS9" one of them in the first sentence) will use the full-hybrid technology plug-in, referred Plug in hybrid, a car is almost perfect for the city since in the Carrefour supermarket and are available recharge hybrid car.

You can enjoy 50 km of electric range, after the combustion engine used only spent 1.7 liters per 100km. The engine respects the environment much more than other cars because their issue is just 39g/km, the issue has dropped over the previous hybrid cars since the average co2 g / km was 45 and this car has dropped to 39 g / km, which means it is a huge change to either of the hybrids.

Speaking of the power of the new Citroen DS9 engine (putting at least two times throughout the article the main term) can highlight the potency that is similar to a normal combustion drive this vehicle reaches 244km / h. Previous mind people did not want hybrid cars because they had enough power, to which this car has gone around the pan by putting an electric motor mixed with the combustion reaches 300 hp, which are few for a Fuel consumption so small, undoubtedly the future is coming to your dealership.



Citroen DS9 Engine


The acceleration of the Citroen DS9 this is impressive, the speed lovers have to say that this car runs 1000m in just 25.3 seconds, and remember that it can travel 50 miles in electric mode without wasting a single drop of gasoline. The battery is easily recharged by connecting a conventional outlet for 3 hours. The company has taken (in Spanish this to go with h, as opposed to Romanian) decision to try to recharge the battery in less time. It is not certain that this car will soon see the light but if it is satisfied that the hybrid motor supports the combustion in both diesel and gasoline.

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